Mixed Media and Fiber


Stuff.  The works in this series deal with the realization that I am engulfed in way too much stuff. Layers of it – volumes. I have too many things. Things that accumulated over my lifetime, things I purchased, found or received from well intentioned friends and relatives. Inherited stuff, some of which I have attached deep meaning to and can’t bear to part – although I have no use for it. And then there is my husband’s stuff. There’s way too much of that too.

Impedimenta can be defined as objects, such as provisions or baggage, that impede or encumber. Those things I possess, the stuff I own and that fill my house and studio are the impedimenta I carry that make it difficult for me to move forward in every sense. I have reached a point in my life where I want to live simply, with only the stuff I need, or those things that are somehow deeply significant to me.

The panels in this series represent layers of belongings that accumulate over time.

no. 3 (Impedimenta Series)
Mixed Media – encaustic, pyrography on canvas, vintage tin, burlap, tar paper

no. 4 (Impedimenta Series)
Mixed Media – paintstick on canvas, tar paper, vintage tin

no. 2 (Impedimenta Series)
Mixed Media – paintstick on tar paper, vintage tin, indigo dyed cloth, asphalt on canvas, tacks, nonwoven fabric


This mixed media wall hanging (Redaction) is an attempt to reach a synthesis of the past with the present: repurposing and making do with what we already have, editing to achieve transformation.

Redaction (Impedimenta Series)
Mixed Media – vintage tin, acrylic, cloth, burlap, encaustic monotype on cloth, embroidery

It’s a Family Affair
Used Clothing, Fabric, Embroidery
approximately 80″x72″, dimensions variable

It’s a Family Affair

This wall hanging is made up of bits of used clothing from various members of my family.


The works in the Bundle Series are vessels, reliquaries of a sort that symbolically, and sometimes literally, hold and protect that which I find precious. They are about the realization that I am engulfed in way too much stuff. Layers of it – volumes – both physical and emotional impedimenta.
Some of these things have found their way into the pieces – the bundles are filled with shredded ephemera. They are encased in a protective shell of encaustic, or made up of bits of old clothes, coffee bags, and fabrics.

Tobar Casherick

This piece references the Sacred Well that is often found nearby a Clootie Tree.

Tobar Casherick Dyed Hog Gut on Foamcore 48″x48″ 2012


The Effigies are vessels, wrapped in old clothes. They are encased in a protective shell of encaustic.

Fiber, encaustic, dried flower petals, hog gut,twigs
3″x7″, variable


Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.
– Henry David Thoreau

I encapsulate my sorrows
I memorialize them.
Transformed, I move forward
from the past into the present
Scraps of old clothing, mementos of life experiences,
encased in wax
archived, safe.

Constant Cravings